For more information on the Autoprofit project please contact the coordinator: Paul Van den Hof, .

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Industry section

Find below statements from the Industrial partners' why they are participating in AUTOPROFIT

Statement ABB

"ABB recognizes the need to improve the efficiency in commissioning and maintenance of model based control. By participating in Autoprofit, we hope to help the project to focus on the most important aspects that would improve the situation, and to contribute in their development. The intention is  to include the developed functionality in our offerings related to collaborative production management. The ultimate aim is to increase the beneficial lifetime of model based control applications. We believe that this will also lower the threshold for those who hesitate to embrace model predictive control and apply it in their industrial production processes."

Statement Boliden

"Boliden is participating in Autoprofit because we would like to improve our process efficiency with advanced process control and in the future be able to develop and maintain profitable MPC applications.
This form of cooperation is very attractive because the various parties contributing to world-leading research and realistic goal. Autoprofits goal of autonomous algorithms for handling MPC coincides with Boliden's long-term strategy in the advanced control technology."

Statement SASOL

"The core business venture of SASOL LTD is the production of synthetic petrochemicals from raw materials using complex chemical processes. The optimisation of such chemical processes is very much dependent on advanced process control technologies such as model predictive control. The AUTOPROFIT consortium has committed itself to developing improved autonomy and performance of such technologies. SASOL’s partnership with AUTOPROFIT towards such pursuits is one that will allow for industry relevant results and validation to the benefit of advanced process control technology development and improved optimisation of SASOL’s processes."